Aggelopoulos :: Network of Freelance Professionals

Who we are

Network of Freelance Professionals, not a Company

We are a network of freelance professionals and not a company. For the past five years now, my colleagues and I have realized for the first time in Greece the idea of uniting our expertise so as to create a network of freelance professionals who are able to undertake all the processes required to support / create a company / business which is either at the point of creation or at any stage of its development.

I use the term “network of freelance professionals” and not a company intentionally so, as that is what we are, affording us the luxury of successfully offering flexible and cost effective services to our clients. The members that make up the team are young professionals who work as required as a team, harmoniously so as to achieve their set goals.

Vertical support at all stages

This network of freelance professionals can undertake ethically and responsibly, from laying a sturdy foundation for your business, the composition of legal articles of association (further details may be found in – Legal Services and Economic Programming) right through to the hardware and software solutions your business may need (further details may be found in – Hardware Solutions, Information Technology and Marketing – Internet). Furthermore the network also offers advisory and consultation services so as to assist in the successful running and operation of your business.

Open Team

This network of freelance professionals does not comprise of a closed circle of freelance professionals, but on the contrary is a team which is open and ready to accept new team members who also offer their services, always ensuring as a first priority the highest of quality in services and the excellent collaboration always found between the team and our clients. The professionals who today comprise this team have been carefully selected for the quality of their work and also for their professional ethics, and their proven professional consistency which they display time and time again, throughout the course of their career. The above characteristics also describe the exacting and basic criteria of the selection process for any of the prospective members wishing to join the network.

Partners for life

Our clients have come to trust us and thereby offering us their return custom because they know the responsibility and the quality of work afforded by the network. Furthermore our clients know that we only undertake projects that we can bring to successful fruition because of our many years as freelance professionals we are accustomed and well aware of our limitations. This also exposes another exceptional characteristic of the network that differentiates us from the rest of the market place. Our aim is not to simply sign another contract! On the contrary, our primary concern is that our professional experience, combined knowledge and talent become a precious commodity for our clients and thereby establishing in the passing of time a partnership for life which will be distinguished by mutual trust and respect.

Are you setting up your business or are you in a phase of new growth, maybe a new direction for your company? With us you will always find the right professional for everything your business needs in all its stages of further development. I personally guarantee that this network of freelance professionals, dynamic in its nature, will become a cherished partner who will follow you and support your business in each phase of your company’s development.

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