Aggelopoulos :: Network of Freelance Professionals

Welcome Message from the Network of Freelance Professionals Aggelopoulos

We would like to welcome you to our brand new business social network All our colleagues are now ready to offer their services.

This business social network has been developed in such a way that you may easily and quickly find the particular service from our network of freelance professionals that your business is looking for.

This is the first time in Greece that a network of freelance professionals has been formed from a variety of specialties and professional backgrounds so as to offer complete turnkey solutions for your business.

We believe that in the shape of a company we would never have been able to offer such flexibility, nor offer such an array of services.

The members of the network of freelance professionals have all been handpicked from criteria based on specific characteristics such as, professional methodology, effectiveness, discretion and more.

The network is formed of highly experienced professionals who would are looking forward to finding solutions tailor made for your business and ultimately you.

We would be honored to hear from you in one of the following ways which are found in each individual member’s page:

  • By telephone,
  • Via the personal contact form for direct communication with an individual,
  • Via the main “Contact Us” page in the site.
  • Via twitter,

We look forward to your feedback regarding this business social network. If you prefer you can also automatically be informed of the progress and evolution of the network of freelance professionals by subscribing to feed burner Atom RSS and receiving our latest news and members directly in your mail or if you prefer via «RSS 2.0» by setting this up in your preferred manor, by following link to the “RSS 2.0 feed that you will find here!” message.

You may remain informed as to all of our latest news and events via the RSS 2.0 feed that you will find here!