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Promotional Business Gifts

USB Promotional SticksThe promotional gift is safe, efficient and the most enduring investment of your money. The gift is used in workplaces, in our daily chores and in our private lives.
It is the most secure form solutions for effective communication.

Usb Flash sticks

Promotional usb flash sticks, with printing logo or completely custom shaped usb with soft PVC in the form of your logo or any other form you want and in any capacity. In addition there is the possibility of pre-stored data (data preloading), AutoRun functions and other clever solutions.

These portable storage devices are ideal functional and useful gifts that your customers can use every day! To get the logo and contact details of your company in usb flash sticks, you acknowledge that customers or coworkers will never lose contact with you. At the same time acting as an advertising medium for your third!

Addressed and proposed at any business.

These widespread uses of promotional gifts are at very low cost.

About our products


We manage the entire process of creating and producing our products, print your logo on them, upload the content that you want and then give you specific cartons / packing for optimum presentation.

We offer the best usb, in the best quality and the best price!

Why us?

Because we offer an excellent service, free from the usual problems. If you work with us we guarantee:

  • Exact number of products according to your order
  • High quality production process
  • Precise capacity and memory chip according to your order
  • Excellent data storage
  • Accelerated storage
  • High quality usb to be detected by any computer
  • Accurate delivery of orders in relation to the initial (printing logo, sample quality)
  • Excellent color quality products
  • Delivery of the order to the agreed time
  • Excellent quality packaging
  • Excellent cooperation in the form of payment

We guarantee for all our products and offer you the possibility to replace if something otherwise noted by our excellent service!

Should you have any questions regarding this offer please do not hesitate to contact us via the form found in the Hardware Solutions page here or you may contact us directly speaking to…

Name: Panagiotis Gardelis
Mobile: +30 6977147602

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